DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin the Beast drag each other in new music

July is shaping out to be the official ‘clap back at your ex’ month. Singer August Alsina suggested that his ex, Jada Pinkett Smith, is cold-hearted in his new song Entanglements. Dancehall deejay Spice and her childrens’ father Nicholas Lall continue to drag each other on social media for the world to see. And now, DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin the Beast are shading each other in new music.

Marvin The Beast

The on-and-off dancing couple have each premiered upcoming songs, fresh off their break up earlier this year. Interestingly, the two had embarked on music careers together in 2016 with their collaboration Tek On the Beast. They also released other songs like Beast Mode, Clean and Fresh and Nuh Dirt. This time, the two have recorded solo releases, with DHQ Nickeisha swinging punches first with Revenge.

The J-Rick Entertainment production sees the dancer-cum-deejay throwing shade to a former effeminate spouse who tried to “turn mi back way” with his “fishiny ways”. She also blasts the man for his constant infidelity, yet intolerance if she were to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Dancehall queen Nickeisha

For context, the entire duration of the couple’s hot and cold relationship was plagued by claims that Marvin is homosexual. The rumour saw both DHQ Nickeisha and Marvin taking to Instagram on several occasions to refute such claims, with even DHQ Nickeisha crying on a live stream over the hurtful allegations.

With that background, we now go to Marvin’s song, Yam Head, which he shared on his Instagram page eight hours after his ex’s post.

He starts the song with, “My turn now, the war childish but mi haffi answer.” He continues by saying his outstanding sexual prowess is the catalyst of this “yamhead” behaviour, and denied any allegations of being homosexual. He also claims that his ex is still calling his phone to destroy his new relationship, adding, “a same so she mash up mi and mi wife.”

Marvin The Beast’s song ‘Yamhead’ was shared to his Instagram page shortly after Nickeshia’s was released.

When the two got together years ago, an American woman came out of the woodwork claiming to be Marvin’s wife, and labelled DHQ Nickeisha a home-wrecker. At the time, Marvin defended DHQ Nickeisha by saying he had already separated from his wife.

Fans following DHQ Nickeisha seem to be for the excitement, but Marvin is taking the heat for responding to the woman who birthed his daughter last year.

“For your daughter’s sake you should have just ignored her, she just hurt,” said one user. “Now she going to be more spiteful…” said one user.

“You know what y’all need to stop this is too disgraceful, it was like yesterday both of you stuck like glue now y’all on the world wide Gram disgracing y’all selves KMT what in the Jerry Springer is this,” someone else said.

Another added, “This is madness. Yu guys have a child together. Yuh never know she a yamhead before yuh breed har kmft. I don’t support this. Think about the baby and not ur damn self.”

In the meantime, DHQ Nickeisha has shared her thoughts on Marvin’s song in an Instagram post loaded with laughing emojis.

“OK THEN!!!!!!!!!!! YAMHEAD vs YAMHEAD…ME DONE TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


But for those following this tragedy of a soap opera long enough, this storyline is old. Dear July, which former couple is next?