DHQ Nickeisha reveals designer body

Dancer-cum-artiste DHQ Nickeisha settled ongoing rumours that she underwent cosmetic surgery when she posted photos of her new body on Saturday.

The entertainer went MIA on social media for most of March, leading many to speculate that she had gone under the knife. She returned to social media a few days ago, only posting her upper body, before doing the big reveal yesterday.

The image shows a curvy, nude (private parts blurred) Nickeisha, with clear hints of a breast augmentation and liposuction. She also has wider hips, suggesting fat transfer and a Brazilian butt lift.

“Hair layed body slayed,” she captioned. “Thanks @designerbodys I told you exactly what I wanted and y’all came through.”

She also has dental veneers which she credited to the popular Dominican Republic-based Designer Bodys in another post.

“A woman who doesn’t require validation from anyone…. is the most feared individual on earth.”

She may not need the validation but her transformation has been getting rave reviews.

“The best body mi see so far a swear,” one person wrote.

“Now this is a Designer Body.”

“U look absolutely amazing.”

“Gal smart enuh have the kids first then do body after.”

“U winnnn na ask Christ or twice. Best do body this.”

Of course there were shady comments thrown at her former besties Sher Luxury Doll and Renee Sixthirty. The former was the first Jamaican ambassador for Designer Bodys, and the first female Jamaican entertainer to admit to doing cosmetic surgery.

The shade tree also made room for DHQ Nickeisha’s ex Marvin the Beast, as social media users trolled him for missing out on the “best of Nickeisha”.

DHQ Nickeisha adds to the list of female dancehall artists who have cosmetically enhanced themselves, including Starface, Shauna Controlla, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva and Spice.