Diana King applauds Dalton Harris for ‘coming out’

In the midst of all the criticism that Dalton Harris has received for ‘coming out’, lesbian Jamaica-born singer Diana King has offered her support.

Singer Dalton Harris

Harris made a bold statement on Friday. In addition to posting a picture of the pansexual pride flag on Twitter, he also answered some questions about his sexuality on Instagram.

“To the boys with fragile egos, I am a TOP to you and your girlfriend. Or non-binary partner,” he said in the post.

In the LGBTQ community, a ‘top’ is referred to as a person who penetrates or plays a dominant role in the relationship.

While he did receive some bashing and bullying for his stance, some support came from King, who revealed that she was a lesbian in 2012, eventually marrying her female partner, Mijanne Webster, in 2018

“Man! I’m so proud of u @daltonharris,” she said in a Twitter post on Friday.

“I can more than imagine how this feels & trust! there r few things more worth it than the courage to be authentic & standing in your truth in the belly of negativity. Yu lighta now. I wish u all the very best star 💫 gwaan shine! MI DE YA 🙏🏾💛”

Diana King

Harris responded to the post, saying: “Thank you for your music, work and support as well.”

The declaration by Harris came the day after he revealed that he considered suicide on Wednesday. Openly speaking about his mental health struggles, the United Kingdom-based singer pledged that he will no longer try to run away from his pain.