Diana King under fire from Vybz Kartel fans

Singer Diana King

On the day when Vybz Kartel released To Tanesha and had many Jamaican men getting in touch with their feelings, singer Diana King questioned how a convicted artiste could be allowed to record in prison.

Many persons immediately fired back at Diana, as they believed she was making reference to Vybz Kartel, who is serving time for murder, and Jah Cure, who was convicted for rape.  

“You weh free as a bird can’t even find a chorus.”

— Social media user

“I’ll never b able to ignore the fact that a convicted artist/ prisoner serving time, b it for murder / rape, can still record & release music from prison in JAMAICA 🇯🇲 🤷🏾‍♂️🤯 How do u all do it? Is it because it wasn’t u who was raped or your luved one killed??”

There were a few persons who supported Diana’s stance, but many persons bashed the Shy Guy singer for her comments.

Incarcerated Jamaican entertainer Vybz Kartel

One social media user tweeted: “A true a jada kingdom deh pan the album and not diana.”

Another showed disdain by saying: “And I can never come to grip that a prisoner serving time with very little resources still record hit songs/album and you weh free as a bird can’t even find a chorus. 😒”

Another person suggested that Diana has a case of ‘badmind.

“Talk truth, a come bk she a look bout how y’all do it. Mek she guh weh, mi not even did memba bout har until mi see diss tweet a go round. #badmindactive,” the social media user said.