Did Shenseea just show us her hoo-haw on IG?

Dancehall artiste Shenseea caused quite a stir on the internet last night after she posted a photo that appeared to have revealed a little too much.

The Sheng Yeng boss is currently in Atlanta and went for a night out. As per usual, she shared pics of her killer outfit with her fans on Instagram. This time, she was wearing a black and brown dress, with a very high split, paired with high boots.

Smiling confidently in the camera, Shenseea captioned the photo; “I’m a Queen, your face is where my throne is.”

But her fans were not looking at her smile, rather their attention was drawn to the darkened area at her groin, which they theorized to be her private parts.

“Shensea wi a si di p*m p*m,” one fan commented. This comment received more than 2000 likes.

But Shenseea had a quick response, “I assure you, you ain’t! ZOOM in.”

Many followed the Sheng Yeng Boss’s instructions, but came to the same conclusion and had fun teasing her about it.

@shenseea me a enjoy the view,” one fan commented.

“So Y’all Going To Act Like We Don’t See😢😍,” another said.

Rapper French Montana was also in the comments and shared his thoughts “Shotta poom poom on fleek. To which Shenseea in good humour responded; “Boy you stoopid.”