Did Shenseea steal Jada Kingdom’s sound? Fans react to latest single

Dancehall artistes Jada Kingdom (left) Shenseea (right)

Dancehall artiste Shenseea released her latest single Good Comfort, and her fans are loving it. The smooth R&B inspired track is a collaboration between the self-proclaimed Dancehall Princess and DJ Frass.

For two minutes 14 seconds Shenseea releases melodious vocals singing about the virtues of her lady parts.

And while fans are obviously enjoying the new song, they couldn’t help but notice that the sound was very similar to her rival Jada Kingdom.

“Why she sounding like jada kingdom in some kinda ways??” asked Di G

“Sounds like Jada kingdom. But I like the song,” another viewer wrote.

Me: clicks on Shenseea song “Good Comfort.” Me: * 20 seconds later looks down at iPhone, * Did I click on the wrong song, is this Jada Kingdom?” joked BadGyal Mimi.

Despite all of that, the song racked up almost 170,000 views just a day after its release and is trending at number five on YouTube.

Have you heard the latest song from the Sheng Yeng boss yet, BUZZ fam?