Did Sher Luxury Doll get engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Sher Luxury Doll sent the Internet into a frenzy when she posted a video with an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day.

The American Express reports that every year millions of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. It looks like Jamaican entertainer and entrepreneur Sher Luxury Doll became one of those people on Friday, as she posted a video showing off an engagement ring on her Instagram page.

“I said yesss!!! OMG yes baby I will marry you, God works,” Sher captioned the post. “Happy Valentine’s Day everybody,” she continued.

The video post naturally ignited the comments section as hundreds of followers sent congratulatory wishes.

“Yes fren, congrats,” Sher’s ride or die, Renee Sixthirty, commented.

“Congrats hun,” Desha Ravers said.

Comedienne Keeping Up With Jehneel added: “Congrats sis.”

A prank?

As is everything with social media, the sceptics were present in the comments too, with some persons suggesting that it was a prank.

“That’s a lie, you bought yourself that,” said Kadine Simpson.

“Show me the man first,” insisted Satina Daye.

“You play too much, that is not Sher’s hand,” said Shay Baez.

Many persons are wondering if Sher’s video with the engagement ring was merely a prank.

The Luxury Beauty Bar owner has maintained a relatively low profile on social media since hanging up her dancing shoes a few years ago. With just 67 posts and almost 700,000 Instagram followers, Sher mostly posts her Luxury brand in her IG stories and promotional photos on her account. One could, therefore, assume that the wig connoisseur is indeed being truthful and did get engaged. But the possibility exists that she may have felt playful and decided to send the Internet into a frenzy. 

If she did buy the ring for herself, ain’t nothing with some self-love on Valentine’s Day, right? And if she is actually engaged, in the words of a very wise young woman, ‘Toast!’