Dilly Don bats for Real Charge

Dilly Don

Even though the song was released almost a year ago, deejay Dilly Don has hopes that Real Charge could become the breakthrough hit that he craves.

Real Charge is co-produced by Anju Blaxx and Kadeem State.

“I come from a community where there is a lot of crime and violence. So going through my day-to-day life all I really ever had was my friends who would always look out for me and we basically look out for each other. One day I was on my last lap and wanted to give up on music and go do something else with my life because my music wasn’t where I wanted it to be, but my friends they believed that I shouldn’t and that I should continue doing it because they thought my voice and talent deserves to be heard,” Dilly Don, who hails from the community of Swallowfield in St Andrew. shared.

He continued, “After that and listening to what they had to say I wrote Real Charge and three others that same night.”

Dilly Don says if the airplay for Real Charge had been consistent, things might have been different today.

“Well after releasing the song and getting some radio play there hasn’t been much growth even after we dropped the music video which I thought would help the song shoot to a higher level. But I guess slow progress is better than no progress at all,” Dilly Don reasoned.

The video for Real Charge which was directed by Daak Flimz was released last November.

“What I bring to the table musically is real hardcore dancehall in my own style and entertainment in my own way,” he said.

“Music has always been a part of my life. I can’t recall at what point it wasn’t but from high school me and my friends began to take it seriously as a career,” said the 20-year-old who attended the Excelsior High school.

“Musically, I see myself as one of the well-known artistes in the music who will be known for his craft, versatility and consistency, while always bringing something new to the table,” Dilly Don confided.