Ding Dong and Spice team up to offer COVID-19 relief

Despite life slowly returning to normal, there are still hard times ahead particularly as it relates to the financial burden created by curfews and lockdowns.

Dancehall artiste Ding Dong presenting a COVID care package to a chosen recipient.

Two dancehall artistes have stepped up to the pitch to help those in their community feeling the financial pinch.

Dancehall heavyweights Ding Dong and Spice have partnered with Magnum Tonic Wine, J Wray and Nephew (JWN) Foundation and Grace Foods to execute a well-appreciated community outreach programme.

The dual-location initiative started in Nannyville, Kingston on Labour Day, with Braeton in Portmore expected to benefit from the initiative.

The outreach programme which will see approximately $3 million pumped into the selected communities and has seen over 450 residents benefiting from the initiative.

Spice, who was crowned “Queen of Dancehall” by Magnum last year, partnered with Ding Dong to deliver COVID care packages to needy Jamaicans.

The initiative is also supported by Doorway Express courier service and Nannyville Community Organization that facilitated the collection of names and delivery of care packages free of charge.

“Giving back is something that we all have to do, a my place this, from you say Ding Dong you say Nannyville,” said Ding Dong.

“It’s a real joy to be able to do this with Magnum, Grace, Doorway Express and the Community Organization,” he added.

Both Ding Dong and Spice serve as Magnum Tonic Wine Brand Ambassadors for the Caribbean, and were recognised ceremonially by the brand last year as the “King of Dance” and the “Queen of Dancehall” respectively.

“The Magnum Tonic Wine team is well aware that many of the communities that support our brand and the wider dancehall culture and industry, are facing monetary challenges brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, we were elated when our brand ambassadors Ding Dong and Spice brought to us the idea of partnering to give back with care packages to the communities they hail from and are still involved in,” explained Marsha Lumley, marketing director at J. Wray and Nephew.

“We’d like to thank Grace Foods for contributing tremendously through the provision of essential foodstuffs, and the JWN Foundation for adding well needed hand sanitisers to the care packages,” she added.