Ding Dong holds ‘quarantine date night’ with wife

Ding Dong (left) and wife Tashauna.

From partaking in challenges of every kind to binge-watching series on Netflix, people have been finding innovative ways to make the most out of ‘quarantine’, as nations worldwide grapple with the coronavirus.

For all the couples on lockdown during this time, you could spice things up by taking a page out of Ding Dong’s book.

The Ravers Clavers principal recently planned a quarantine date night for his wife, Tashauna, and took to Instagram (as most celebrities have been doing over the past two weeks) to show his set up.

“Quarantine dinner wid mi wife,” Ding Dong said. “Mi wife like to go out and have nice food, nice settings, so me set the table people and den yuh know mi go fi di big bad chef…”

Newly appointed chef for Grace Foods, Shea Stewart, provided the eatery experience for the couple, and steak seemed to be the entré on the menu. Ding Dong kept it simple yet classy with the table decor, leaving a single red rose on one end, and a bottle of wine accentuated with two roses at the other. 

Though the Fling hitmaker is known to get down in the kitchen (his signature is arguably curried chicken and white rice), he said he wanted to surprise his boo thang, whom he married in a star-studded ceremony last summer. “Mi send fi chef Shea, unno see a waa gwaan, mi just a try do something different fi mi wife,” he said. “Thugs unno haffi mek it hard fi unno wife leave unno.”