Ding Dong releases viral video urging Ja’cans to stay inside

Ding Dong

Remember when “outside!” was the go-to caption on almost every Instagram post? Well, Ding Dong could ignite a new hashtag with the recent release of a viral video for his single, Inside.

The Khalfani Records track is naturally inspired by the quarantine measures imposed to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, and while several artistes (from Ishawna to Cecile) have recorded ‘quarantine-themed’ music, Ding Dong ups the ante with wavy visuals.

Released on Sunday, the video sees the Ravers Clavers boss at home watching Netflix, chilling with his significant other, cooking his signature curried chicken, and most importantly, washing his hands.

The video couldn’t be better timed in light of the recent arrest and charge of several people including Jones Town resident, Dayne Mitchell, who breached the COVID-19 curfew order implemented by the government on April 1.

The video is currently trending number nine on YouTube with more than 60,000 views.

“Jah Jah, da pandemic yah have we a way,” Ding Dong says at the end of the track. “Mi know nuff a we a mad right now, but weh we a go do? A fi we own safety. So stay inside. Unno know the chop. Wash unno hands, sanitise unno hands, memba the chop. Lysol, spray up the place too, stay inna yuh yard! If yuh nah fi go outside nuh come outta yuh yard.”