Storm Saulter sees ‘Sprinter’ going around the world

Storm Saulter, Sprinter writer-director. (Photo: Don Waysome)

Cinemas in Canada and the United Kingdom are next on the serving plate for a taste of Jamaican feature film, Sprinter, director Storm Saulter has indicated.

Saulter said in an interview with BUZZ that he was confident the film would keep its positive momentum into the summer months.

“I do feel that this film has enough legs and can build enough momentum to really keep pushing across the world,” he explained.

“We’ve been open in the US [and] we will continue in theatres in the US throughout the summer. We’re opening in… the UK, like the third week or so in August,” Saulter told BUZZ.

“I feel like the word about Sprinter is really starting to gain traction; there’s a large section of independent cinema that’s aware of the film so it’s exciting,” Saulter added.

The filmmaker hinted that if Sprinter goes as well as projected plans to hit streaming platforms in the fall would have to be fast-tracked.

The future of feature films in Jamaica is bright, according to Saulter. He said the renaissance of and interest in cinematography was long overdue and imminent.

“It’s an exciting time and space to be in. A lot of people have projects in the works, both locally and internationally; a lot of people trying to come here to do projects – a lot of big companies have been here shooting projects as you know.

Storm Saulter, during his tell-all interview with BUZZ (Photo: Don Waysome)

“So Jamaica, as a creative space, is alive and thriving right now. For me, it is exciting times. I think good, quality work is gonna keep hitting, keep connecting – that’s really [what’s] going to create a renaissance. It’s not quantity that’s going to get us there, it’s quality,” he told BUZZ.

After a successful tour in 20 states and across 50 cities in the US, Sprinter made its first domestic screening on Wednesday, July 3 in cinemas across Jamaica.

Sprinter, Storm’s second feature film after the critically acclaimed Better Mus’ Come, swept the 2018 American Black Film Festival winning Best Director, Best Narrative Feature and the Audience Award.

Most recently, the film has gone on to win the New Vision Award at the Bahamas International Film Festival, as well as Best Narrative Feature at the 2019 staging of the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

See part two of BUZZ’s interview with Storm Saulter below:

Sprinter is executively produced by Hollywood superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith – with the film being shot, excluding international scenes, on location in Jamaica.

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