Disadupz aiming to create waves in dancehall

  Proving you don’t have to be on The Rock to understand its many complexities, Disadupz is a man on a mission to put out music that will have people sit up and take notice.

Dancehall artiste Disadupz

Born Hugh Taylor, the dancehall singer and songwriter, who hails from Jamaica, says music has been flowing through his veins from a young age.

The Virginia-based artiste says he even still has his original song book of lyrics he penned years ago as he knew he was destined for a career in music.

Though new to the scene, Disadupz was always intimately involved with music and as a teen would perform at house parties and has even written several unreleased tracks.

His music is a combination of 90’s and contemporary dancehall, that is fast-paced and aimed at getting you on your feet.

His song, Di King, produced by Mighty Omari, has been well-received online. He is working with Snipashot films to release an accompanying video and also collaborating with Jamaican-born producer FDX who resides in New York.