Disney Amyka draws inspiration from music producer Jah Snowcone

Her uncle is popular music producer Rohan ‘Jah Snowcone’ Fuller who is best known for the producing Sean Paul’s Billboard chart-topping multi-platinum selling hit Temperature as well as Shane O’s Lightening Flash and Assassin’s Don’t Like You among others.

Now New York City based singer Disney Amyka has her eyes set on creating similar success with her musical repertoire. 

“My uncle’s achievements have had great influence on me. As a child I watched him work with many different artists. He was constantly creating, always growing, evolving and striving for better. Being in that environment showed me that no matter where you’re from or what struggles you’ve faced, if you apply yourself, work diligently and stay true to your morals you can go far. It takes discipline and hard work to achieve but it is more than possible to do anything you set your mind to. Watching his achievements gave me hope that I can also achieve my own success,” Disney Amyka explained.

On July 30, she released her latest single, Feel Good. Produced by Melissa Lyric and co-produced by Trevor Brown, Feel Good highlights and celebrates the achievements of women.

“I wanted to create something that had a positive message and also uplifting for women. The women in my life are more than just what meets the surface. They face adversity, struggles and much more, but they manage to still be joyful. Let’s embrace the great things we are capable of as women. The song is a celebration,” Disney Amyka shared.

As she plots her musical breakthrough, Disney Amyka has taken the advice of her uncle and mentor J. Conrad Robinson to stay true to herself.

“I’m truly blessed to have such great mentors as J. Conrad Robinson and my uncle. My uncle gives me a load of advice regarding music. He always tells me to stay true to myself and keep focused on my craft. He constantly reminds me that music is a vibration and that I should write what’s in my heart,” she added.

Born Moniefa Amyka Grant, she was called Disney due to her bubby personality and innate talent that lights up any room.  Eager and ready to make her mark in music, Disney Amyka has received the backing and support of American music industry heavyweights and tastemakers alike.

Still in her early twenties, she has performed at Carnegie Hall at the inauguration of New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo. She has performed at Disney World and has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America special for the 50th anniversary for the iconic musical The Sound of Music.

All her hard work led to a chance meeting with one of the most influential talent developers and vocal production specialists in music J. Conrad Robinson. Noted for discovering and helping to develop Alicia Keys, Robinson provided key vocal production on chart-topping, award-winning records while working with the likes of music producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jeff “Gitty” Gitleman, among others. Robinson is also one of the most sought-after vocal stylists in the world, having worked with among several other acts, the likes of H.E.R. and SWV.

“I want to make people feel good and embrace every side of themselves in order for them to be their unapologetic self. Music is a vibration, so it’s important to me to capture every emotion. I genuinely hope to create songs that ultimately resonate with what I am feeling and who I am. Hopefully that translates to others,” said Disney Amyka.