Disney delays ‘Black Widow’

The Walt Disney Co. has further postponed its next mega-movies from Marvel, including Black Widow in the company’s latest recalibration due to the pandemic.

Disney announced today that it will delay ‘Black Widow’ until May 2021.

Ten of Disney’s top films shuffled release dates Wednesday, uprooting several of the company’s major fall releases. The Scarlett Johansson Marvel movie Black Widow, last set for Nov. 6, heads to May 7 of next year. Instead of opening next month, Kenneth Branagh’s murder mystery Death on the Nile moves to Dec. 18. That was the date set for “West Side Story,” but the Steven Spielberg musical will instead debut in December 2021.

Disney didn’t entirely abandon the season. The Pixar release Soul remains on the calendar for late November. The Empty Man, a horror release from the former 20th Century Fox, is moving up from December to Oct. 23.

But the delays of Disney’s upcoming blockbusters reinforce the growing exodus from 2020 among the blockbusters that hadn’t already uprooted to next year.