Divorceeee??? Rapper Safaree suggests that he is now a bachelor

It seems American rapper Safaree is sending a not-so-subtle message about the status of his marriage to reality TV star Erica Mena.

The picture Safaree shared on Wednesday afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, the entertainer shared a picture of himself beside a car with a caption that said: “BACHELOR‼️ Ending 2020 right‼️”

The house in the background was tagged as ‘divorce court’.

This post comes weeks after Safaree and Erica celebrated their first wedding anniversary.

Interestingly, his post wouldn’t come as surprise to many people who had questions about their relationship when they shared that they were celebrating their anniversary. Their Instagram posts at the time were described as ‘dry’.

Despite his words and the tag, there are questions about the seriousness of Safaree’s latest post.  

“You wish…Erica ain’t going no where, neither do you…You can fool some ppl sometime, but yuh can’t fool all the ppl all di time…Oh a di car name suh,” one person said.

“I think he being serious 🙄🙄and if he is, I’m happy 😊😂😂😂 it’s about time,” another added.

Safaree and Erica Mena on their wedding day.

There were also some people who were hoping for better news. “Awe I was actually hoping y’all would work out,” one social media user said.

Safaree and Erica tied the knot on October 7 last year, a week after announcing that they were expecting a child together.