‘Do it for the pleasure, not for the treasure’: Bounty Killer speaks on helping other dancehall artistes

Dancehall artiste, Bounty Killer

If there is one thing Bounty Killer is known for, it’s the integral role he played in the career of many current dancehall artistes. Dancehall heavyweights like Vybz Kartel, Movado and Wayne Marshall have often hailed Bounty Killer as the man who gave them the start to what would become illustrious careers.

But according to the ‘Poor People’s Governor’, he was merely paying it forward, as he remembers the days when he too was struggling to get studio time.

“It’s a tradition because Dandymite was the man who encouraged me to come to studio, and that lead me to this greatness, and that’s how I started helping artistes,” he told host Yendi, on the latest episode of Odyssey with Yendi.

Bounty Killer on set of Odyssey with Yendi

The veteran dancehall artiste said it was never his intention to form a crew, it was just the consequence of him trying to put other talented acts on the scene.

“That’s what I do to help my country and my community, helping talented youths.”

— Bounty Killer

“After that certain people started reaching out to me because they think its something that I really look forward to do, and then it was a nice thing to do, to bring others and help others, it feel good,” he said.

Seeing it more as his ‘social responsibility’ than as a business, Bounty Killer explained that he never signed any artistes, although he was encouraged to do so.

Making a difference

“This is not a business for me, it is just my interest. It’s Bounty Killer, ‘The Poor People’s Governor. So this is how you make treasure, and richness spread in the ghetto,” he said. “That’s what I do to help my country and my community. Helping talented youths, taking them off the streets, and having them impact people across the world.”

“I don’t want the value of it. I just want the goodness of it. And if I do it for a fee, I couldn’t brag to anybody about it, because it would be business. I’m doing it for the pleasure, not for the treasure”, he added.

“We always curse the system, so when you become a platform, or a personality that can make a difference you should. Because you always talk bout yuh indifferences and you nah mek no difference,” he stated.