Does Shenseea have security? World Dawg wants to know why Romeich is always around

People thought it, but social media comedian World Dawg said it.

Shenseea and her manager, Romeich Major

In a recent Instagram Live with Romeich Entertainment signee Ding Dong, World Dawg made an enquiry about the Romeich Major-led camp.

“Ding mek mi ask yuh something,” he started. “Like a big company, and big artiste like unuh, not you, Romeich nuh get some security fi Shenseea?”

Ding Dong responded: “Yeah him always have dem.”

“So why him deh deh every minute?”

The comedian’s question seemed to throw off the Ravers Clavers boss as he erupted with laughter.

Though the moment made for a good kee-kee on social media, many users have had the same line of thought as World Dawg. The camp houses Ding Dong, Teejay and Shenseea, but unless the three are booked for the same event, Romeich is often only seen with the Lighter singer.

“A facts enuh, Teejay one go perform, Ding one go perform but every weh Shen deh Romeich deh deh, a coulda Africa tpc,” one person commented.

“Somebody had to ask,” said another.

“As u see Shenseea, a Romeich u see.”

“Him a di head a di security.”

“No sah, him affi make sure the security them naaa look her.”

Great friends

Some justified Romeich’s presence with the fact that he is her manager, but he could also be playing other roles, as he was seen filming her recent performance in Atlanta, United States. They could just be great friends too, as the two are often seen snapping their seafood lunch dates (like yesterday).

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But people continue to speculate that Shenseea and her ‘man-ager’ are in an intimate relationship, and the two seem to enjoy trolling the Internet with occasional suggestive photos and captions.

Other managers who have noticeably shared the spotlight with their acts include Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, who was front and centre in several music videos and award appearances for the late Notorious B.I.G.