Don’t blame us: Ikaya says she and Dexta Daps are not at fault for ‘crowded’ NY show

Days after Dexta Daps was criticised for performing at a packed event in New York, Ikaya has come out in defence of the entertainer and promoter of the show.

Jamaican singer Ikaya

Rubbishing claims that it was a ‘secret’ show, Ikaya, who performed at the event with Dexta Daps, said that the event received the required permits and that the organisers adhered to the necessary COVID-19 protocols in order to keep patrons safe.  

Followed protocols

In an interview with Billboard, Ikaya said that the promoters insisted that patrons wear face masks and practise social distancing.

“Everybody had on masks, everybody was hand sanitising. But in the heat of the moment and everyone’s excited to see their artistes, everyone just crammed up at the front. So I mean … I was concerned at that part,” said Ikaya, who performed at the New York show with Dexta Daps on September 26 and another on September 27 in New Jersey.

“The promoter has done a whole lot to ensure that people wear their masks. There’s not so much that we as the artiste — and it’s unfair for us as the artiste to be blamed, and for the promoter to be blamed — in regards to that because we can’t control that.”

Dexta Daps

As for the COVID-19 safety protocols, the singer, who sang Nosey Neighbours with Dexta Daps, believes enough was done by the organisers.

“As I said in regards to the protocols that were put in place to meet the guidelines for the event — social distancing, to wear your masks through the event — we did the best that we could,” Ikaya said, noting that patrons were constantly reminded to follow the protocols.