‘Don’t call my name again’: Dionne Warwick blasts Wendy Williams for speaking about her

50 Cent did not lie when he said: “It’s getting hot in here.”

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick has been tweeting up a storm lately. (Photo: The Blast)

BUZZ Fam, Twitter was rather heated on Wednesday when legendary singer Dionne Warwick used to the app to put TV host Wendy Williams in her place.

So, apparently, Williams was discussing Warwick and her recent Twitter fame on her show. And even though she referred to the singer as a beautiful woman, she brought up Warwick’s 2002 marijuana charge and also said that the singer’s niece was helping her to tweet. Williams did not forget to mention that she and Warwick aren’t quite friends.

Why did you go there, Wendy?

Well, Warwick did not take kindly to the comments made about her on the show, and she took that annoyance to Twitter.

“A friend alerted me that Wendy Williams was spending a lot of not nice time speaking on me. I tuned in to her show to catch the last few minutes of her speaking about me and as in the past, she seems not to be able to speak without maliciously made comments,” 79-year-old Warwick tweeted.

Wendy Williams

“My hope is my name will refrain from being spoken or thought of by her as this conversation was held a few years ago letting her know there was, nor would be any need, for her to say the name Dionne Warwick for any reason… I don’t believe one has to be mean to get noticed.”

And she wasn’t done. Topping things off with a clown and smiley emoji, Warwick said: “There’s an old saying you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar! Try it Wendy you might like it.”