“Don’t fall in love late,” says Beenie Man

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man

Off the heels of his recent publicised breakup from motivational speaker Krystal Tomlinson, deejay Beenie Man is advising people not to wait too late to experience romantic love.

“A better yuh fall in love early than fall in love late because everybody weh fall in love late end up hanging themselves or kill di woman weh dem deh wid when dem heart broken but if your heart broke from you’re 18 and 19 you actually know what broken heart is so when yaa 25 and 26 and actually fall in love fi real you can know weh fi expect,” he said.

“Mi kill my kids with love; mi nuh kill dem wid beating and frustration and cuss dem.”

– Beenie Man

The veteran artiste was speaking in an interview with Quarantini & Mimosas yesterday and made the comment while sharing what he’s learned during the pandemic. His answer was centred around realising that his children are growing up and he has to allow them to experience life.

“I don’t beat my kids so sometimes mi will snap and talk too hard and den mi feel offended but sometimes yuh check back to yourself and say you’re being a hypocrite because when yaa 17, yuh zeet. Yaa fi stop be the hypocrite and know seh if yuh youth have a girlfriend and him waan go out wid har pon a movie date just gi him a time, gi him a limit, but don’t limit your son because everybody haffi fall in love once.”

Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson recently revealed they are no longer together.

He added that parents should play matchmaker for their sons.

“If you can find a girlfriend fi yuh son, do, cause you a go look a girlfriend fi yuh son weh you a go know di mother, you a go know the father cause yuh a go find out weh the family haffi bring to your family fi mek your son alright. If yuh can find a girlfriend fi yuh son without him know, just normally work it in, then yeah, because yuh nuh waan be sorry.”

Beenie Man is father to 12 children, seven daughters and five sons, including his eldest daughter, dancer Desha Ravers, and his youngest with Tomlinson, Xiah Davis, who is two-years-old. The deejay has often been labelled as an absentee father by some of his children’s mothers and even Ravers in the past, but he says he’s a good father.

“More while you will have a problem with the mothers, not a problem by seeing your kids, a problem by the mother busy or yuh cya get through, but you and har talk fully completely good but you and the kid cya nuh talk cause the kid cya suffer through weh you and the mother have so you haffi find time,” he said. “Find a way to mek your daughter or son come to you because they’re always welcome at your house, even when dem mother nuh welcome. But dem mother is always welcome a just she tek it up pon har head seh (gibberish)… Regardless of weh yuh hear people seh or people come out and seh I have myself as a good father, I might not be the best father but I’m a great one too and I’m good at it, seriously. Mi kill my kids with love; mi nuh kill dem wid beating and frustration and cuss dem.”

Beenie Man and his daughter Ikyra Davis (Photo: Instagram/Ikyra Davis)

He said his parenting skills were first put to the test when his career started blossoming.

“My problem with my kids a when mi just buss, mi lose contact a dem because mi start tour, especially Desha, a me grow har enuh, mi have har from she a months, not from she a one,” he said. “Me and har cuss sometimes. Yuh know how it go, daughter and father thing. Sometimes mi do things weh she nuh like but mi nah live my life fi she, mi done live my life fi she already, she a 29-years-old.”

He’s not thinking about having another child, but as the saying goes, never say never.

“My grandfather get him last kid when him a 88 year old so think about it.”