‘Don’t fight back, leave’: Yanique Curvy Diva shares experience with domestic abuse

Yanique Curvy Diva says she spent years in an abusive relationship.

Media personality Yanique Curvy Diva is imploring females to leave abusive relationships instead of fighting back.

The Lifestyle singer shared her experience with domestic abuse on her latest episode of ‘Quarantine and Chill’, a live Instagram series born from the restrictions of the coronavirus.

“The next day mi go police station, file the report, go hospital go do mi X-ray, see seh inside of mi ears have internal bleeding.”

— Yanique

The Curvy Diva drew the line on domestic abuse in her life years ago by leaving her longtime partner to set an example for her daughter.

Leaving the union

But before she mustered the strength to leave the union, Yanique revealed that she used to fight back because she didn’t want to be labelled “a victim”.

“I was going through it, but mi tell myself seh mi nah tell no family, mi nah tell no friends because at the end of the day, Jamaican people, especially females, we have a tendency to behave like if we a victim of domestic violence then we fi lick back the man or beat up di man,” she started.

“According to wah my mother teach me, no man nuh fi lick yuh, and I wish my mom had (rest in peace mommy) said to me as a young girl, if a man hit yuh, leave… That was my thing growing up, seh any man lick me, any man put him hand pon me, mi a go lick him back. The truth is… mi did do that, and wake up the next day and him knock me the hell out.”

The abuse started about five years into the relationship, and Yanique said it was often born out of his insecurities. She also admitted to sometimes being an instigator.

“Inna my mind a fight we a fight…this is no domestic abuse. And when mi used to lick him, him used to seh: ‘Look how yuh mash up mi hand’ and mi used to feel good cause mi never know better. Mark you, it used to happen like two times for the year, but two is too much.”

First box

After speaking to a woman at church, Yanique realised she was in an abusive relationship and decided she wouldn’t fight back when he next struck. That moment came as the couple was readying for an event.

Yanique Curvy Diva posing in white underwear
Yanique said she decided to leave the relationship after speaking to a woman at church.

“The first box reach and mi seh: ‘Bredda mi nah fight yuh enuh, so dis cya be a fight’. Di bredda send on two more box, drag me out of the living room and carry me inna kitchen, haul mi up inna mi chest and mi seh: ‘Bredda, mi nah lick yuh, mi nah fight back… if yuh lick mi, 100 per cent, I’m definitely a victim of abuse, domestic abuse’. Di man continue with the beating and mi ring off mi phone and call mi sister and seh: ‘Call di police now’ and when him realise seh di phone ring off him tek the phone and fling di phone and bare tings gwaan, mi never lick him back.

“The next day mi go police station, file the report, go hospital go do mi X-ray, see seh inside of mi ears have internal bleeding… and mi send him a WhatsApp message seh: ‘Bredda, a nuh fight wi fight; you is an abuser and right now me is no victim. I am done. Nuh call mi back, nuh reach out to me. Come tek yuh tings out of my house, we are done and that is it’.”

Viral video

The topic of domestic abuse was inspired by a viral video which shows a Jamaican man dragging his woman by the hair, and hitting her throughout the video, to the background laughs of his friends and uproar of his neighbours. 

Though the couple later appeared on video basically dubbing it a ‘skit gone wrong’, Yanique bashed the man for his actions.

“Dat woman, she look like she just scared as hell, even the last video she just a look over…” she said. “Him need fi get arrested, lock him up. We see the video, we see the evidence, lock him up…but that’s just how I feel.”