Don’t marry crime and poverty, says Agent Sasco

There is a tendency to think that crime and poverty are inextricably linked, however, entertainer Agent Sasco says this is not so.

Agent Sasco

He made the statement during a meeting with the Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson and members of the entertainment industry that took place on Monday (November 23).

The meeting, dubbed the ‘CommTalk’, inspired a fiery debate about the root causes of crime.

The vibrant discussion got intense when veteran entertainment consultant Clyde McKenzie suggested that there was a strong correlation between crime and poverty.

However, Agent Sasco quickly challenged that view, noting that “there is a tendency to marry violence and poverty, that’s not true.”

According to Sasco, the genesis of violence goes beyond poverty.

Violent crimes

While recognising the merit of both arguments Major General Anderson shared his own perspective.

“We define criminals as victims over time…and when they start to run the community, they are no longer victims but heroes,” he explained.

“So if you have a hero and a victim, you now need a villain – Babylon,” Anderson concluded, to the amusement of the attendees.

Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson

The commissioner went on to share more of his perspective with the island’s entertainment stalwarts, tracing Jamaica’s socio-political history and the country’s gradual increases in violent crimes dating from the 1970s to present.

Commissioner Anderson used the meeting to stress the importance and need for sustainable and collaborative solutions

The meeting comes on the heels of renewed efforts by the Jamaica Constabulary Force to forge stronger partnerships between law enforcement and key stakeholders, such as entertainers.

In attendance at the event were a mix of entertainers and personalities, including Agent Sasco, Beenie Man, Christopher Martin, Tony Rebel, Josey Wales, Kevin Downswell, Anthony Miller, Winford Williams, Clyde McKenzie, Khadene ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton and DJ Squeeze.