Don’t size up! Elephant Man has a message for artistes who “a run di place”

We don’t know what triggered it, but dancehall artiste Elephant Man is reminding people to put some respect on his name.

Elephant Man

The entertainer recently shared a clip from a past performance on the African continent to remind people of the impact he has had in dancehall music.

In the video, the crowd is going wild – jumping and throwing water – as Elephant Man performs Badman Forward in his usual energetic fashion.

“Elephant man in Africa 🌍 fi some a dem weh say dem a run place when dem come Africa an make black people full joy dem self like diss den dem can have run di place convo,” he captioned an Instagram post on Monday.

“Don’t size up a elephant man diss energy gad run di world dance hall to di fullest.”

He also shared a similar message in his Instagram Story, but the language used was on the more colourful side.

And while we don’t know for sure what triggered the post, we can say that some of his claims are justified, as he was one of the dancehall frontrunners in the 2000s. During that time, he collaborated with the likes of Janet Jackson, Pitbull, Rihanna, Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, Lil Jon and R. Kelly.

He also won a Source Award for Dancehall/ Reggae Artist of the Year, and he also got an MTV Music Award nomination. The deejay also performed on stage at the 2004 BET Awards.

Elephant Man was also signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and released Let’s Get Physical in November 2007.