Double celebration: Jamaican athlete Novlene Williams-Mills expecting twins

Novlene is certainly glowing as she shows off her baby bump. (Photos: Instagram @williams_mills)

Jamaican athlete Novlene Williams-Mills is gonna be a mama! And she’s not just expecting one baby, she is gonna be having twins!

Isn’t that sweet?

The 400-metre runner, who is a breast cancer survivor, made the announcement via Instagram on Saturday.

“God is so kind because we have been double blessed with awesome joy. Yes, its TWINS! Our life is now about double celebration,” she said on Instagram with a photo in which she was holding her husband’s hand.

“Jamaica awaits these blessings.”

— Social media user

And get this: The photos from Novlene’s maternity shoot were taken by popular Bahamian athlete Shaunae Miller-Uibo.

Positive energy

Naturally, this kind of good news was matched with positive energy from Novlene’s followers who seem to be over the moon.

Novlene holds the hands of her husband, Jameel Mills.

“I have watched you give your all to your country, hearing your story of God’s goodness and now another miracle. Elated.  #HeartyCongratulations he’s an awesome God,” one of her followers said.

“Congratulations. You have beaten so many odds!!!! Nuff blessings,” another added.

And there were some who hoped that she would give birth to children who will become athletes as well.

“Some athletes. Strong like their mommy. Jamaica awaits these blessings,” one social media user said.

Isn’t this some awesome news, BUZZ fam?