Dovey Magnum buys 2021 Mercedes Benz

Dovey Magnum (Photo: Facebook)

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum has a new whip. The Respectfully singer showed fans her new Mercedes Benz in a recent Instagram post

“When I first got my 2021 fireStick! It was just waiting for me like Dovey here you go you ready for our relationship. #benz#me so proud of me blessings to me.”

The red-ribboned black beauty comes after a rough 2020 for the artist, who earlier shared that the pandemic stalled many of her plans. Artist peer I-Octane was among those congratulating the singer on the new ride, especially in light of her trials behind-the-scenes.

“Gyal a nuff cry mi see yuh cry, nights pon top a nights but yuh neva give up fi more dan 2hours…More time yuh cuss me and dont like a bone inna me, cuss mi like dog ans say mi nuh real, all block me but a day r two a yuh dat inna mi slimfast body again gyal…

Mi a tell u dis because a nuff people beat yuh bad daily and dont know di half of wat yuh tru gyal…Im haooy for yuh/more for yuh one son cause mi know say a him yuh do dis sh*t fah baby girl @doveymagnum yuh fight di fight gyak just oray and do di do.”

Magnum had told fans last month that she intends to “switch things up” for 2021, from her music to her image. Her latest release is Taxic, which was instrumentalized by producer Staxx, who also worked on Kranium’s new EP called Toxic

While promoting Taxic yesterday, Magnum took to her Instagram Story to declare that she won’t beg anyone to promote her music, including her family. 

“Honestly speaking now, why me must get up and beg my family member dem fi post me, post mi music or anything at all?” she asked. “Mi nah beg dem fi do dat because dem cya ask mi fi nothing and dem cya get nothing at all if mi nuh have it… Yuh haffi help mi promote so mi can mek di money fi when unno beg mi, mi can give unno.”

The music video for Taxic is expected to premiere today.