Dovey Magnum claps back after ‘clout-chaser’ label for joining YK Osiris on IG Live

Recording artiste Dovey Magnum (Photo:

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum is hitting back at social media users who are labelling her a clout-chaser for joining RnB singer YK Osiris on Instagram Live.

Osiris recently left Jamaica where he earned a new fan base because of his online promotion of the island’s beauty, vibes and hospitality. He was chilling with fans online yesterday when Magnum entered the comments. She soon joined the Live which was brief as her connection seemed to be poor. The moment was picked up by some blog sites, and many online users were quick to say Magnum was seeking attention because of the growing interest in Osiris.

“Mi nah stop post mi things dem all when a 10 likes… Unno think mi a mek unno tear mi dung?”

– Dovey Magnum

However, the Bawl Out hit-maker said this wasn’t the case as he was the one to add her to the Live.

“He could have add anyone of y’all sh*thouse but he didn’t TF!!,” she clapped back in a comment. “Y’all hate me because I’m alive and ppl with value loves me!! Tf I just felt like commenting!!! Now y’all carry on, I will all over the world none stop!! With bigger stars and ppl that’s valuable.”

She then went Live to tackle more criticism, including those who felt she was too old to be associating with the 22-year-old.

“The same motherf**king Jamaicans from my own country is bashing me, dragging me, hurting me just because the artiste add me… Text mi seh mi fi lef the young bwoy and rae… Old man juice scratch, a young man alone mi want inna mi pu**y.”

The criticism then somehow shifted from her appearance on Osiris’ Live to her raunchy music. Magnum said many people who bash her for her lewd lyrics have no issue embracing similar lyrics from popular American artistes.

“Di music dem weh unno a listen to from City Girls and Cardi B and bloodcl**t Megan Thee Stallion, dem a sing bout sucking d**k, sucking pu**y, sucking a** and lick that crack and unno don’t have a problem wid dem cause dem a foreigner, dem a City Girls… But unno own Jamaican weh a seh and a do the same bloodcl**t ting dem a do, unno have a problem. Mi don’t like unno.”

She said she will never apologise for or dilute her raunchiness to please anyone, and thanked her loyal supporters for sticking with her despite the hate train throughout the years.

“Mi nah stop post mi things dem all when a 10 likes… Unno think mi a mek unno tear mi dung? Unno think mi a mek unno mek mi feel some type a bloodcl**t way?”

Magnum’s latest release is Taxic, the music video for which is scheduled for release soon.