Dovey Magnum claps back at body-shaming critics

Dovey Magnum (Photo: Facebook)

Dancehall artist Dovey Magnum has made it clear that she is not going to be bullied into getting cosmetic surgery. The Respectfully singer has responded to critics of her performance in Florida last night who seemed to be more concerned with her physique than her talent. 

“Unno cya program me or tell me weh fi do or whatever the case is,” she said in an Instagram video. “If me waan do back over something pon my body or do my body right now or do my eyelash or my nose hole or mi throat hole, me can do that pon my timing… Mi post the performance and when me deh deh a perform and all a dat. Mi see many comments, all inna mi DM, ‘Oh, yuh use up di money weh yuh have up a foreign…’, ‘Yaa foreign artist and yuh nuh look good’.”

Magnum has been criticized about her appearance since she blew up with Bawl Out in 2018, with her eyes, teeth and physique being popular targets. She eventually got dental work done in 2019.

But Magnum is unfazed by the unkind comments. She said the ‘designer body’ phenomenon has made many people uncomfortable with seeing natural bodies.

“Why me nuh look good to you? Because you’re used to a certain look. Yuh used to the gal dem weh look like wisdom teeth and di one dem weh look like bug and bird pon stage, so unno feel a way when time unno see me now and mi look natural a do mi thing. Mek mi tell unno something, mi nah please society and people nuh please people. Mi a live fi me and a me mi a live fah… So when time unno see me pon stage if unno don’t like how mi look, shut unno eye and listen to the music same bloodcl**t way.”

The cosmetic surgery trend isn’t shaping up to dissipate anytime soon, with dancer-cum-artist DHQ Nickeisha recently going under the knife. Other artists who have been candid about having work done include Spice, Yanique ‘Curvy’ Diva, Shauna Controlla and Renee Sixthirty.