Dovey Magnum says she’s getting back on the fitness bandwagon

Recording artiste Dovey Magnum (Photo”

The artiste, who used to work out religiously in 2019, is resuming her fitness lifestyle starting with power walks every morning. 

The Sex Is Lovely entertainer took her Instagram followers during her session this morning as she walked a couple of blocks in her neighbourhood.

“Mi tell myself every morning 7 o’clock but mi miss it (this morning); a 8:30 am mi jump up,” she said. “Every morning mi a get back inna mi routine and it feel good.”

She was accompanied by her bodyguard whom she said has helped her get back into the groove. 

Just recently, Dovey Magnum was body-shamed after posting a performance in Florida, but told trolls she’d not be pressured into doing cosmetic surgery.

Magnum said her bodyguard encouraged her to “work off some a di weight and if yuh waan top up a likkle thing yuh top it up, but yuh nah go lay dung pan nuh table fi please yuhself, yuh people or nothing.”

However, Magnum said that if she decides to go under the knife, no one can stop her. But, seconds after that statement, she confessed that everytime she thinks about being on a surgeon’s table, she grows terrified.

“Everybody know mi a gangsta but mi get fraid so mi a gwaan workout,” she said.

“Whether yuh do surgery or not mi still haffi b****t work out cause surgery nuh work fi all a yuh body. Yuh haffi still workout,” she added.

Her body goals are to build some muscles and lose stubborn fat from her stomach, arms, back and chin areas.

“Big belly outta season, watch the transformation bitches… Yuh see all dem fat and dem rolls deh? All dem likkle rolls deh a go just leave girl body.”

She hopes to accelerate her calorie-burning process by playing football with her male friends in the evenings.

Magnum’s image has been under public scrutiny since she gained prominence in 2018 with the hit Bawl Out. Critics have found fault with her eyes, physique and teeth, but Magnum has always celebrated her natural appearance. She shocked many of her fans when she got dental work in 2019 but said she did it to please herself.