Dovey Magnum says she’s ‘more than hardcore dancehall’

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum says she’ll be showing off her versatility in an upcoming body of work she plans to release before summer. 

Recording artiste Dovey Magnum (Photo”

According to the entertainer, fans know her for racy lyrics and seductive style but says there is more to her as an artiste.

Dovey Magnum revealed she’s currently working on a socially-conscious track, stating she is not oblivious to such issues, particularly in light of the pandemic.

Though, currently promoting her single Taxic, which she unleashed at MBR’s birthday bash in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, she used the occasion to share that while it is in line with her hard-core style, it’s inspired by a real life situation.

“I try to keep it real for the fans, Taxic plays on the word ‘toxic’ and is all about that hard-core love; rude boy, rude girl love, that some of us have experienced and or desire to experience – it is a fantasy for some,” explained Magnum.

“I am the girl that reps for the hard-core vibe, and I bring that fire that men love and women want to tune into to emulate,” added Magnum.

Magnum further added that while she will always remain true to her hard-core style, she wants fans to know that she isn’t limited to this.