Dovey Magnum’s manager addresses singer’s arrest and detention, dishes on plastic surgery

Dovey Magnum’s manager Nigel Angus

Dovey Magnum’s new manager, Nigel Angus, took to his Instagram story early Saturday (May 22) to address news that his client had been arrested and detained by the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) in Atlanta, Georgia.

 Angus confirmed that Dovey Magnum was taken into ICE custody noting that to deny the reports would be “foolish”.

However, Angus disputed where the arrest occurred, noting that Dovey Magnum was taken into ICE custody at the airport in Atlanta while travelling with her assistant, and not at a  premises as was previously reported.

“I’m here to put all the speculations to rest regarding the @doveymagnum rumors about her being held by immigration. It would be foolish of us to deny this; but what we are not going to do is do the add-on ‘speculations’,” began Angus in his lengthy disclosure on the incident posted in his IG story. 

“There is only ONE problem and it’s regarding her overstaying here in the States. I have retained an attorney, who goes by Mr Farqueson, and has declared this is only an immigration issue, NOT a criminal case,” added Angus who sought to provide an explanation for Magnum’s arrest. 

Confirms Dovey Magnum went under the knife

Angus also used the occasion to confirm that his client had recently undergone plastic surgery as part of her new image. 

“As for Dovey the Barbie Doll makeover, she did recently have her body done; this was all a part of her re-branding and image along with her new developing album,” Angus said.

Angus shared that Magnum was still recovering from her surgery, noting that she was “looking to get well” and “eager to see her son” .

“My position recently was to rebrand and organize Dovey on a professional level here for the states we will continue to support her despite her current dilemma,” Angus added.

Angus on May 15 announced that Magnum had officially signed to his Palm Tree Flow Records, adding that the duo had been working together for over two years but only recently decided to make “the leap”.