Dr Dre is the highest-earning artiste of the decade

To say that Dr Dre made a lot of money in the last decade is quite an understatement. In fact, the rapper/ producer has made just under a billion dollars in the last ten years.

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Although Dre has not dropped an album in the last few years, the sale of the Beats headphone business to Apple as well as his producing capabilities has made him one of the richest entertainers around.

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According to Forbes, Dre has made up to $950 million in earnings, relegating hot performers like Taylor Swift to second place. Other Hip Hop stars make the list to include Diddy and Jay Z with $605 million and $560 million respectively.

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From left Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr Dre.

Dre is famous for being part of the NWA clan with fellow rappers Easy E and Ice Cube. He is also credited with the rise of hip hop king, Eminem.

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His next project is slated to be working with Kanye West on his Jesus is King Part 2 album.