Drake drops fiery ‘Scary Hours 2’ with Jamaica shout-out


It took just three tracks. Three tracks to remind the world that Drake is one of the most prolific rappers ever, and will likely go down as one of the best to ever do it.

The Canadian rapper dropped the hinted Scary Hours 2 EP at midnight for fans who have been clamouring for new music since the announced delay of his sixth studio album.

And he did not disappoint.

The EP, released at midnight, includes the What’s Next opening track, followed up by Wants and Needs, a Lil Baby-assisted bop, but it was the final song that has Twitter ablaze.

The Lemon Pepper Freestyle featuring Rick Ross was the vibe everyone hoped for. While Ross delivered on his usual talk of enormous wealth, Drake gave us, perhaps, one of the best verses of his enviable career.

 When Drake rapped:

These days, fame is disconnected from excellence. Half the time I gotta ask n***as what their profession is.

Ushered a generation in, these are where my confessions live.

…we lost our collective minds.

The song has been trending on Twitter since its release, with no signs of easing anytime soon.

Caribbean fans were also quick to note that Jamaica shout-out, because of course.

Champagne, ring bells in the streets of Jamaica,

Started at the crib, look how far this shit’ll take ya

Scary Hours 2 is available on all major streaming platforms.