Drake sends fans hilarious goodbye message

Drake unveils Abloh-redesigned private plane as he "social ...
(Photo: Business Insider)

BUZZ fam, did y’all see Drake’s departure from Barbados? Basically, it was an unwanted reminder of just how broke the rest of us are.

The Started From The Bottom rapper posted a  jaw-dropping image of his private jet ‘Air Drake’ with the words “IF YOU’RE READING THIS WE LEFT.” written on the underside of the plane.

Now, if you follow Drake on any of his social media platforms, then you know that this quote is in line with his jovial personality. The quote is also similar to his mixtape title, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, which was released in 2015.

The US$185 million plane was a gift to the rapper by the Canadian airline Cargojet, who made the trade in exchange for the publicity that would be generated.

And with Drake changing the colour of the plane from white to baby blue, with “Air Drake” and his “OVO” owl being emblazoned on the aircraft, and him posting photos of his trips to his 69.5 million followers on Instagram and his 39 million followers on Twitter, I think we can conclude that they are getting their publicity.