Jamaican dub selector Yaadcore releases debut single

Yaadcore released his single, Ready Now, earlier this week. (Photo: Instagram @yaadcore)
Yaadcore released his single, Ready Now, earlier this week. (Photo: Instagram @yaadcore)

Rory ‘Yaadcore’ Cha wears numerous hats in the music industry. For years, he has been building his career as a DJ and producer for Protoje, and now he is a recording artiste.

Earlier this week, Yaadcore released his debut music video for a song called Ready Now, and he is happy with the reception.

“Well, everything came together mystically. Me saying I’m ready now wasn’t a plan, but while listening to the rhythm one day some friends were leaving the studio and say, ‘dem ready now’, and I just started singing that. The feedback has been great, overwhelming really. So, I definitely have to give thanks for all the support,” Yaadcore told BUZZ.    

“It was a blessing to voice for this track in the studio. The process and how everything came together is real but almost unbelievable.”

Yaadcore is considered a true creative, and he is deemed one of the ambassadors for the ‘dub’ movement across the globe.

Now that he has cemented his name as a strong dub selector, Yaadcore is hoping to make his mark as both a producer and artiste.

“Most DJs or producers who make this transition get discouraged. I will juggle it and DJing (music) like how you juggle shoes you wear. You will wear the one you like the most all the time, and then you change shoe for the occasion if necessary. I choose being an artiste now because of the full range of creativity you can apply to the art,” he said.

Yaadcore in his element.
Yaadcore in his element.

Yaadcore has been a DJ since he was 14 years old. And although he has ventured on to a different path, he will still be true to his first love.

“Both arts are very crucial. Being a DJ allows you to go places where an artiste is not needed. Unfortunately, DJs get belittled unless you’re like Major Lazer or Tiesto or one of dem vibes,” said Yaadcore, who has a new mixtape called Riddim Salut.

Catch our video interview with Yaadcore here.