‘Dweet with attitude’: Asafa and Alyshia Powell find their buzz with ‘Gweh’

Desha Ravers has created a monster in popular dance, Gweh, and we are here for it!

Asafa and Alyshia Powell

The latest to jump on the bandwagon are sprinter Asafa Powell and his model wife, Alyshia.

The two, one clearly more confident in their ability to get the moves down and maintain the rhythm to the similarly titled song by Ding Dong, shared their attempt to Instagram yesterday.

Asafa, who’s known to dance up a storm off the track, seems to have provided some coaching lessons to Alyshia before the two stepped in front the camera as he can be heard telling her “Do like how yu did a dweet over deh so, wid attitude”, after cutting the music for the duo to have a redo.

Alyshia commented on the video posted to Asafa’s page, “Lmao omg. I am not a dancer y’all”, complete with laughing emojis. We’re not sure what Mrs Powell was referring to as her freestyle at the end, a wine to the ground fit for the road on Carnival Sunday, was pretty impressive.

Artistes and YouTubers Wayne Marshall and Tami Chin Mitchell also shared their attempt at the popular dance on the ‘Gram to great results yesterday.

We can’t wait to see which celeb pairing is next up (We’re looking at you, Virgos).