D’Yani promises flavourful music on ‘Dutch Pot’ EP

D’Yani says his EP will be a representation of who he is an artiste.

Think of the words dutch pot and the sturdy, staple cooking utensil bubbling with flavourful seasonings and filling foods will come to mind. Now think of the words again, and instead replace the ingredients with a blend of varied musical genres, cultivated and packaged in a vessel just as relevant and resilient as the ‘dutchie’, and you’ll get the projected essence of D’Yani’s upcoming EP, titled Dutch Pot.

Dutch Pot is a melting pot of my musical influences.”

— D’Yani

The fusion singer serves as the producer of the seven-track effort, which he has been labouring on for some time.

Dutch Pot is a melting pot of my musical influences. It represents me as a musical being and why I do music,” D’Yani told BUZZ. “I do all kinds of music, not just reggae and dancehall, so the EP will have additional genres like afrobeats, R&B, jazz, everything.”

D’Yani doesn’t want his music to fall on deaf ears.

Two years in the making

He has high expectations for the project, which he said has been more than two years in the making.

“I expect it to do really well; I put a lot of work in it, nitpicking and getting live bands and everything cause it’s 100 per cent self-produced,” he said. “I’m still trying to finalise a release date, but at this moment, I’m just trying to get more buzz so it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.”

New songs

To this end, the 28-year-old recently released Wife Anthem, not the cliché lauding of women who “wear the ring”, but a man professing his adulation for his spouse and decision to commit to her before God, man – the whole shebang (a wedding ceremony script used in the song audibly concretises things).

“It represents the guy’s perspective on why he wanted to be involved or get married to his prospective girlfriend, so other than sexual advances, the second verse speaks of how he feels emotionally, and the third and fourth verses represent him proposing to her, so it’s like a vow in a sense…this is the reason why I love you and want to get married,” he said.

“This song has given me the most female reactions so far, and surprisingly a lot of males like it too.”

As he releases new songs, D’Yani is also planning a tour.

The visuals for another single, Heaven Telegram, is expected to drop within a week, and D’Yani is also orchestrating a tour.

“It’s something I’m organising myself, and I’m looking to go to a couple places like Suriname and Africa. I have a good fanbase in Kenya and Gambia,” he said.

Putting in the work

Navigating the music business as an independent artiste has not been easy for the singer who made music his full-time career three years ago. He’s no complete stranger, having made an impression with tracks like Give Away My Love, Realise and DOH!, and he stays motivated by putting in the groundwork.

“At the end of the day, nobody never know Michael Jackson when he was just starting, so it’s a process. I’ve been putting in the work for quite some time and networking so it will happen.”

And, having a loyal fanbase doesn’t hurt.

“The majority of what I’ve been doing is not just me, but friends who see the talent and chip in one and two times,” he said. “This loyal fanbase gives me a strength, and most of what is happening is because of people who genuinely want to see me progress.”