Ed Sheeran says he loves Ishawna’s ‘Shape of you’ remix

English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is a fan of dancehall artiste Ishawna’s music.

Sheeran made the revelation in a recent interview with Netherland-based radio station, QMusic.

The English singer surprised QMusic’s host when he began singing Ishawna’s single Equal Rights word for word. 

The raunchy track from the dancehall artiste is a remix of Sheeran’s 2017 hit single. Shape of You. 

“What I like about Shape of You is that everywhere I go in the world, people know that song,” he said. “And there are so many remixes.”

He continued; “I was in the Caribbean and I heard like a totally different song, it’s really really filthy. She’s just singing about her man going down on her, it was all over the Caribbean.” 

The host searched for the song from the Jamaican artiste, and to his surprise, Sheeran proceeded to sing along with the track. 

“Mi seh equal rights and justice!,” Sheeran belts out while throwing his hands in the air. 

“This is filthy. This is very filthy” The host exclaimed. “How can you sing to it?” 

“Cause I’ve listened to it so many times,” Sheeran responded. “When she said, ‘if yuh want head my youth, yuh haffi suck dis,” he said before they both started laughing. 

The video has since gone viral on social media with many expressing their surprise that the British artiste would be tuned in to that song. 

“You never know who a listen,” one commented. 

“To think some Jamaicans were angry with she released the song,” another said. 

“Even though we (Jamaican man) against this song, I appreciate he acknowledge it an love it,” someone added. 

Equal Rights stirred much controversy after its release. Ishawna faced backlash from many in the dancehall industry, and the Jamaican society at large for daring to sing about demanding oral sex from a man- an act that is generally seen as taboo.