Elephant Man and Ce’Cile say respect is missing in dancehall today

Once upon a time in dancehall, deejays and singjays would publicly show their admiration and respect for each other.

Dancehall artiste Spice and her guests, Elephant Man and Ce’Cile, on the set of ‘Spice It Up’. (Photo: Instagram/@badgyalcecile)

This tale seems like a distant memory to seasoned artiste Elephant Man, who says today’s generation is quite the opposite.

“Dem man yah, is like more time dem will see Killer and dem will cut dem eye pass, dem will see Ele and dem will cut dem eye pass… there’s no manners whatsoever,” the deejay said in the latest Magnum Spice it Up episode. “Memba we used to go and seh Buju a we king and we God, Shabba and Ninja dem. Dem man yah will know and hold it inna dem heart, go a dem grave wid it. Dem nah tell no deejay seh, ‘yaa mi deejay’.”

Paying homage

Though Merciless doesn’t fall into the younger generation category, Ele used him as an example of artistes not paying homage to those who inspired them.

“Merciless sound like Killer and him seh a Brigadier Jerry a him artiste. How dat? How yuh have my voice and a seh, ‘Briggy a mi idol’? Briggy a nuh yuh idol, a Killer. Stop it man, stop mek badmind destroy unno.”

“Merciless sound like Killer and him seh a Brigadier Jerry a him artiste. How dat?”

— Elephant Man

Host and deejay Spice could relate to his point and added that she has observed younger acts imitate her style but never give her credit. Guest Ce’Cile also shared her experience with this.

“A lot of females would sound like me…when they were on interviews or whatever they say, ‘Oh, I listen to…’ and they would call every other name but you sounded like Ce’Cile,” she said. “Even privately before they reached that stage, they’d say they look up to me. There was one girl, I did her first song with her and she used to say, ‘Oh I love Ce’Cile’… I don’t know what she and my cousin had, but after that you’d hear, ‘Oh I don’t like that type of artiste’.”

Show love

Despite the shift in communal culture in the dancehall space, Ce’Cile said she can’t help but show love to good talent.

“I’m a lover of music before I’m an artiste…so sometimes I feel like a groupie and then people start attacking me sometimes…because they can’t fathom that I like so many artistes,” she said. “I don’t focus on an artiste I don’t like or I feel is kinda shaky wid dem talent because I’m not a person who likes to put people down. I just leave them alone, but if I like you and I love your song it’s so natural for me to go over and compliment you and a lot of times I feel weird… I used to go out of my way especially with females to message people, and I’ve done it a lot of times and post them.”

But Ele hasn’t had all bad experiences either and gave props to Masicka.

“Mi deh inna a airport a forward dung and to how mi know how the young generation stay, more time mi see some man mi just hold my half and who waan hold dem half, hold dem half. Masicka deh over deh so, mi never know a suh di youth nice, so a nuh everyone a dem stay so. You have some a dem weh keep it real,” he said.