Elephant Man promotes unity in dancehall with ‘Find It’ music video

Dancehall artiste Elephant Man is happy with the response to his Find It music video. (Photos: Dennis Brown)

The much-anticipated music video for dancehall artiste Elephant Man’s latest single, Find It, has been released, and fans are not disappointed. 

The video is set in an isolated area with Elephant Man standing in front of a group of dancers, and commanding them: “Dancers, we having a big problem. We need to find back the energy, the love, the unity of dancehall, and dancing.”

“It’s nothing but positivity, and a hundred per cent dancehall video that them get.”

— Elephant Man

And with the hum of suspense music playing in the background, well you can’t help but get excited too!

To find this energy that Elephant speaks of, he and his dancers need to find a mystical city of dancing that will then empower them to “bring back dancehall where it used to be,” he said.

And so they marched on, and just when fatigue seems to set it, they found the city.

The ‘Energy God’ then leads his pack of dancers into intricate and energetic dance moves that make the listener eager to get ‘jiggy’ to the beat of the song. 

Speaking with BUZZ, Elephant Man said that he wanted to incite unity among artistes and dancers through the music video.

“I wanted to inspire other artistes, letting them know that the vibes of the dancehall is declining, and we can’t afford for that to happen, ” he said.

Elephant Man believes unity is needed in dancehall.

Since being released four days ago, the video has been viewed more than 136,000 times on Elephant Man’s YouTube page, and it is now trending at number six.

And with that kind of response to the music video, Elephant Man is pleased.

“I am very happy because the fans dem see the message. It’s nothing but positivity, and a hundred per cent dancehall video that them get,” he said.