Enchanted: Xodus brings revellers into fantasy world

This model was rather whimsical as she modelled ‘Storm’.

As Jamaica gears up for the 2020 carnival season, diehard soca fans flooded the lawns of 36 Hope Road in St Andrew for the Xodus band launch on the weekend.

As early as 8 p.m., patrons began arriving through the well-lit entrance. And in no time, it’s almost like they were in a different world. From the massive stage and backdrop to the beautiful décor, the ‘Enchanted’ theme was definitely seen. With this theme, the organisers hope to help revellers explore their mystical and supernatural sides.

The colours in ‘Wild Apache’ drew a lot of attention.

The fantasy world was further captured through the costumes that took the stage at about 12:30 a.m. The costumes were Wild Apache, Snow, Black Widow, Poison Ivy, Zen, Sialia, Vixen, Nala, Redd, Genie, Crazy Heart, Khalessi, Jinx and Storm.

The costumes were both daring and beautiful.

And after waiting for a few hours for the action to begin, Xodus fan Shemar Watson was impressed with the work put in by the organisers.

“It was an amazing experience. From the very moment you entered the venue, you could feel the whole fantasy vibe. The décor inside resembled the walls of a palace that gave you an enchanted vibe and garden,” he said.

See more pictures from the Xodus band launch in the gallery below.

Pleasing the patrons was the aim of the organisers, according to Alexandra, a member of the Xodus team.

“Our theme this year is enchanted, and we just presented our costumes. And honestly, we are excited about the reaction of the crowd. They really seemed to love it, and we are hoping to see all of them out on the road,” she said.