End this squabble and give us what we want Rihanna, Shaggy: MUSIC

I give you my loyalty and what do I get in return? Drama! Tuh! I’m hurt, Rihanna and Shaggy since I honestly expected better.

This has got be the biggest misunderstanding in the history of music, since these past few days have been rife with drama as pop princess Rihanna and dancehall superstar Shaggy got into it.

All I know is somebody lyin’!

I must say Rihanna and Shaggy, this ‘he said, she said’ back-and-forth is rather disappointing – and to think we STILL don’t have the album yet.

At this stage, I don’t know who to believe, and it pains me to see two of my favourite musicians engage in whatever tit-for-tat this has evolved into.

Rihanna, as a Jamaican from St. Ann, why didn’t you hop on the Edward Seaga highway and talk to Shaggy in person?

If the hype for #R9 is to be believed, wouldn’t the album benefit from Shaggy’s massive pull and creative talents? What about the music, does it no longer flow in your blood, Rihanna?

Now, your citizenship is being reviewed and rightfully so, since we Jamaicans are patriotic to a fault.

And you, Shaggy, if the word from Rihanna’s camp turns out to be true, why would you reach out just to reject them if asked to submit something fresh?

Can’t we work this out somehow?

Do you know how big a Rihanna x Shaggy DANCEHALL collaboration would be?

You’re both excellent, Grammy-winning artistes in your own right, do it for the culture, man!

Well, speaking for myself, as a proud fan supporting both of you over the years, I demand an apology for even making me consider choosing a side.

The longer you keep this album from me is the more severe my whiplash gets and it’s a hill I’m willing to die on!

Shaggy has explained his side, and at least one person from the Rihanna camp has aired her version but the people want the truth.

And the album, we still waitin’!