Enter Lisa Mercedez: Artiste says she has a spiritual connection with Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel’s love life is a Lifetime movie and today’s sequel is brought to you by Lisa Mercedez. The British-based artiste is the latest to come out and claim that Vybz Kartel is her man, counteracting longtime spouse Tanesha ‘Shorty’ Johnson who on Monday took to social media to declare that she is his ‘First Lady’, days after Lisa Hyper embraced that title.

Lisa Mercedez

During a recent Instagram live with DJ Lava (who interviewed Hyper last week when this drama series started), fans asked Mercedez to identify her new boyfriend, since she’s no longer with deejay Stylo G.

“My man is Adidja Azim Palmer,” Mercedez said before spelling each name. “Vybz Kartel, A.K.A World Boss, yeah. Somebody seh mi need a man, mi nuh need a man, mi have mi man and mi loyal to the core, ride or die.”

“Vybz Kartel A.K.A World Boss, there’s a reason why him name World Boss. Mi live a England; mi go a di bank inna di UK.”

– Lisa Mercedez

Hyper was noticeably in the comments, and asked, “Whampn to Stylo G Mumma?”. Other viewers accused Mercedez of being delusional since she has never physically met the incarcerated deejay.

“It’s not a delusional thing,” she said. “Lava mi can ask yuh something? Yuh ever talk to a girl yet and yuh just have this mad, spiritual connection wid har? The thing is, yuh nah fi meet somebody to have that spiritual connection and it just feels like you and da person deh did deh in a next lifetime? A da connection deh mi have wid Vybz Kartel… so sometimes people might seh, ‘oh, she nuh meet him yet’ and rae rae but mi a go meet him soon cause mi cya wait fi di corona done and everything. Straight a Jamaica mi a go.”

There has been a war of words among three other women, including Kartel’s wife, who claim to be the Gaza ‘First Lady’

Earlier this week, Johnson dismissed her partner’s other love interests, stating she is the only one who has access to his bank accounts. Hyper challenged that in a subsequent live video, and Mercedez is up next.

“Vybz Kartel A.K.A World Boss, there’s a reason why him name World Boss. Mi live a England; mi go a di bank inna di UK.”

She added that she need not assign herself a title, as she is confident about where she stands in his life.

Vybz Kartel is incarcerated for murder and won’t be up for parole for three decades.

It is difficult to digest this online love triangle without considering the respective projects each artiste has underway. Kartel is set to release his Of Dons and Divas album on June 26, which will bear features from Hyper and Mercedez. Hyper is set to release her Phoenix album in July, and Mercedez is gearing to drop her Drama Free EP in July. Johnson’s role? Her Short Boss Muzik label serves as co-producer on Kartel’s project. Could this all be a publicity stunt to build anticipation for these projects?

Only time will tell.