Entertainment stakeholders in Jamaica collaborate for reopening solutions

Jamaica’s entertainment industry is trying to bounce back from the effects of the coronavirus. On Sunday (June 14), a cross-section of industry leaders and stakeholders met to discuss suggestions for a safe phased reopening of the entertainment industry. And to create a detailed plan to guide the entertainment industry back on its feet after a three month COVID-19 pause of the sector.

The meeting included members of the cultural, creative and entertainment arena, including fashion, artists, theatre, dance, sound system and DJ’s, bar and nightclub owners, events, festivals and service providers.

“We felt as if we needed to be proactive and take a unified step towards finding solutions. So instead of us waiting on the Ministry of Entertainment to tell us the new protocols, we met for three hours and put suggestions forward and hopefully they will be considered when the official protocols are published,” Ibrahim Konteh, one of the meeting organisers and the marketing and communications lead for the popular Soca Forever and Strictly 2K said.

“We are looking to complete this document in short order for the minister for consideration. We had health and safety professionals guiding the dialogue alongside medical doctors to ensure we are presenting a solid suggestion,” said Konteh.

In supporting the call for an entertainment association, Director of Supreme Team Limited and organiser of Sandz and Vacae Weekend, Andrew Ellis praised the meeting for its success while he underscored its effectiveness in facilitating a forum for positive change within the industry.

“I believe the meeting was very productive and is the right step in creating a body that represents the entertainment and events Industry. The various areas of the industry that were represented in the discussion gives signs of encouragement that our industry is ready for a meaningful change, one that represents us as a collective so the needs and wants of all players are heard and discussed in the right forums,” he said.

“Having a unified voice lends more credibility to our issues and suggestions, and also presents the opportunity to create a structure that can attract more help from the government and also possible investments from across the globe,” the promoter continued.