Epican Tapas Lounge is a win!

While we all adjust to navigating life during a global pandemic, with our government’s expert handling of the situation and responsible social distancing, essential work will continue.

It was a full house following the opening of Epican Tapas Lounge a few weeks ago.

Luckily for us, food is essential to life, so grocers and restaurants across the island will remain open, albeit while observing new protocols. This is especially appreciated by the newly revamped Epican Tapas Lounge at the Market Place on Constant Spring Road, which was reopened under new management just two weeks ago.

Epican Tapas Lounge has created an intimate, elegant space.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tapas concept, (tapa is the singular form) it’s a term used in Spanish cuisine to describe small portions of food served with a drink. Today the Spanish are renowned around the world for these awesome little bites, and in some cultures, when you order drinks at a bar, they’re served free.

Have your favourite beverage served up at the bar.

As for its origins, stories vary. Legend has it that since the root verb is tapar, which means to cover; it is derived from the fact that drinks were once served covered with slices of bread, ham or cheese, rather than coasters.Some also say that in an earlier time, King Alfonso X ElSabio the Wise fell ill, and could only manage tiny snacks and small sips of wine while recovering. 

Either way, tapas are delicious and well worth a try, especially over at Epican Tapas Lounge, where they’ve been enjoying a remarkable response. The best-selling items on their exciting new menu are:

Hot Rock

Six thinly sliced pieces of either salmon or NY strip, infused with garlic ponzu, lightly seasoned and finished with ponzu aioli, cilantro and chilli.

Interestingly, it is heated to approximately 500 degrees, and both the rock and the sliced meats are presented table side and cooked by the guest for a total of eight seconds, four seconds per side.  

Escoveitch Fish 

Seafood lovers can enjoy three ounces of snapper steak dusted with special spices, deep fried and served with truffle fries that are loaded with fresh parmesan, truffle oil and fresh herbs, then finished with a perfectly seasoned pickled slaw.

Lobster Tacos 

Crisp flour tortillas filled with avocado aioli, accented with cilantro, lime and olive oil, then stuffed with seasoned lobster meat topped with mango salsa, cilantro and chili. Can you say yum? 

Avocado Eggrolls 

Creamy avocado seasoned with sweet sun-dried tomatoes, cilantro, onion, salt and pepper, encased in a wonton wrapper and deep fried golden brown. This is then presented on crispy Togorashi rice vermicelli and served with honey cilantro sauce. Are you drooling yet? 

Their Quinoa Salad features roasted eggplant and corn, asparagus, corn, bell peppers, red quinoa, romaine lettuce and tomatoes, enhanced with roasted onion vinaigrette and a hint of salt and pepper. Healthy and tasty! 

Plus, you can’t have appetisers without classic wings, but theirs is a little different. They’re dishing five deep-fried mini drummets, marinated in garlic and herbs, tossed in a house-made spicy sauce and served with ranch dressing, carrots, celery and, the kicker… sugarcane. They also serve an array of desserts and cocktails, and offer a Large Bites menu for persons who want a bigger portion.

It’s no wonder the response has been so great. Their head of marketing, Jermaine Bibbons, told BUZZ that for three days post-launch they had a full house every evening and even with the current uncertainty, people continue to show up for their “good mood food and drinks”.

The team is, of course, mindful of the situation, so while the lounge remains open, they are monitoring it to act in the best interests of staff and patrons alike. There are also several delivery options to utilise at your convenience, so now is as good a time as any to give them a shot.

We certainly recommend that you do.