Essence magazine names Justine Skye modern-day Mona Lisa

Essence named Justine Skye the modern-day Mona Lisa. The Brooklyn beauty muse born to Jamaican parents is making strides in the entertainment industry.

The singer, songwriter and model recently collaborated with clothing brand H&M. The collab brought out Skye’s Brooklyn street style-chic using vibrant prints, edgy sweat sets, footwear and accessories.

Essence explored all facets of Skye’s career, including her new EP Bare With Me, which debuted this summer. The EP was very dear to the singer’s heart as it’s rooted in her Jamaican heritage.

Skye told Essence that she was warned to stay away from Caribbean and Afrobeats style because it wasn’t popular until recently. Sykes, who is now an independent artiste, says she should have trusted her instincts in this regard. However, she said she’s not worried because things happen in their own time.

The singer got personal and was very transparent about her growth over the past year, one of which was shedding the purple hair, which was her signature style and earned her the name ‘Purple Unicorn’. However, Skye said she discovered a new version of herself and wanted to embrace her natural look.

The singer shared an Instagram post thanking Essence as she “always wanted to be part of the magazine”.