Every post “captured” on Koffee’s Instagram page

With all eyes on the 19-year-old Reggae sensation Koffee, it would come as no surprise that the slightest change in her social media profile would raise red flags.

Fans noticed on Sunday (Oct 6) that all the singer’s Instagram posts had been wiped clean from her page.

Though this isn’t unusual among Instagram users, it raised concerns among her fanbase, including popular Jamaican deejay, ZJ Sparks, as to what would’ve prompted the move.

Of note, was the InstaStory that remained on the viral entertainer’s page – a quote from the Bible – Zechariah 13:2-3. We’ll try not to read too much into the words “banish” and “remove”.

Some users quipped that the posts had been “captured” playing on the lyrics of the young hitmaker’s song Rapture.

According to her website, the singer should still be on tour in the US.

What do you think #BUZZ fam – just a social media detox for the singer or something more?