Everything OK, Buju? Artiste posts video laughing maniacally on social media

Reggae artiste, Buju Banton

Buju Banton is back on Instagram, and apparently, there is something funny about it. The reggae veteran posted a video to the platform that is just 15 seconds of himself laughing.

But whatever he’s laughing at, it’s obviously not that funny as he captioned the video; “Why do the heathen rage?”

In between laughter, Banton says; “Mi muma, mi belly, a doh know if I should laugh or cry, uno funny eh?”

Banton does not let fans in on the joke, despite many joining in on the laughter in the comment section.

But following reports today that the Caribbean American Heritage (CARAH) Awards has taken back its offer to honour Banton for his contribution to reggae music, one can’t help but wonder if this is his response to the whole situation.

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Banton has been facing major backlash for his anti-mask comments back in October where he asserted that he was not wearing any masks because “mask nuh mek fi man.”