Expect more Grammys: Frankie Music happy to be producer on Koffee’s award-winning EP

Producer Frankie Music is extremely happy about Koffee’s Grammy win. (Photos: Instagram @1frankiemusic)

Music producer Frankie Music is embracing his new ‘Grammy award-winning’ title. The producer is recognised as one of the early figures in Koffee’s meteoric career, working on her breakout song, Raggamuffin. The track is part of her Rapture EP, which copped the Grammy award this year for Best Reggae Album. The moment marked the first time a Jamaican female won in the category.

“She (Koffee) is my little niece, she calls me uncle.”

— Frankie Music

Frankie Music is still beaming at the feat.

“Most times I wake up smiling when I think of it. I’m happy for her more than anything else, and it sounds weird, but I’m even more happy for her than I am myself,” he told BUZZ.

Frankie Music (left) is all smiles as he poses with Koffee (centre) and her mother, Jo-Anne Williams.

The sky is the limit

“When I was telling her in 2017 that the sky is the limit and I think she can reach the highest level, probably it just sounded like good words to her, but when you actually see it come to reality… it happen faster than what I think, but I feel good to be a part of it. I feel so good for myself too, and I’m taking it like anything else. Life comes with bitter and sweet, so I know this is one of the sweet moments in my life. Expect more Grammys under the belt.”

The producer, whose given name is Comar Campbell, has had a longstanding history in the music business, operating his Frankie Music record label imprint. His catalogue boasts hits including She’s Happy by Konshens and Delus and Beenie Man’s Dweet Again. He has also worked with a plethora of acts, including Romain Virgo, Christopher Martin, Raging Fyah, Jesse Royal, and up-and-coming act Shawn Antoine.

Frankie Music says music fans can expect more collabs with Koffee.

He said fans can expect more Frankie-Koffee collaborations, though he is in no rush.

“The hardest thing is the start and we did start, we don’t force things,” he said. “She is my little niece, she calls me uncle, so we know things gonna happen. As long as we have life, people can expect great and greater things.”