Faith Callender ends summer on a high

Faith Callender

Bajan “Baddie” Faith Callender is at it again. This time ending summer on a high note with the release of one of her newest singles Always Summer. The visuals were dropped in August-just in time for the climax of the summer holidays, and the comment section went crazy.

The lyrics speak of gratitude and are a whole vibe.

“Drinks up bubble with the ice bring the cooler is summer, summer… Straight shots double up we don’t need no chaser is summer, summer. Is a mood everything bless, everything cool…Life is beautiful there is so much to be grateful for…”

There was support from other artists including Fiyah B who pitched in saying –“Sickkkk” while Ruby Tech who is obviously a fan of Callender’s work said “Sweet Visual, Sweet Tune”.

Support poured in from other fans with people sending love for the creativity in the music video.

The music video was done in a day-loop of DejaVu and showed Callender waking up to the same day where everything was going wrong but eventually as she continued practising gratitude everything turned out perfect.

Callender says she practices gratitude in her daily life.

In the opening scene, Faith wakes up to the affirmation on her phone –

“Repeated Gratitude will attract things for you to be thankful about.”

Mel H said- “Issa Mood. Love the concept!!! ”

“ This definitely is a vibe.”-according to Dana Gittens.

In an exclusive with Buzz Callender spoke about what the process was like for the visuals.

“It was pretty fun and easy. I had the idea to do a summer song, a song that expresses gratitude so that when the listener hears it they can automatically be in that state of joy and happiness.”

Callender who works closely with popular songwriter PullDeTriggerBoom said that it was a collab between her and her writer to produce what was clearly magic for many.

“We just went to the studio, she was writing on her phone, I was writing -the beat was built on the spot and we combined what we had and it just meshed together so perfectly and conveyed what we wanted to tell.”

In that same process the singer of Baddie and Don’t Brek Yet said that the ideas for the video just started to flow.

“The idea we had was to have this day loop so we had to make sure that details were in order so that viewers would get the idea. But it came out really great and it has been getting a phenomenal response.”

Callender, who holds a degree in accounting says she not only sings about practising gratitude but lives it as well. She told BUZZ that its her mission is to help people to also walk in their truth.

“I believe that our words create our reality. I believe in positive thinking and positive environments…I put God at the centre for sure and I am able to inspire others because not everyone has that support system but I believe if I have the platform I can inspire people to walk in their purpose and dig deeper.

Another release by Callender for this year includes Brek It Off produced by Paul Parris’ The Parris Agency and MonstaPiece – another banger recorded at 118 BPM (Beats Per Minute) perfect for the gym and fast wining.